Hell’s Belles Car Club was founded by longtime friends and hell-raisers Mary Mack and Andrea “Crafty” DeHart in the fall of 2000 in San Francisco. Both gals were truly in love with their classic cars and were into car culture. They talked about what good times it would be to find some cool, fun classic car-owning girls and make a car club just for the ladies.

The founders reckoned it was pretty special for a gal to own a classic car, but a testament of true love to own a sled in San Francisco. So, they decided that Hell’s Belles was for gals that lived in San Francisco, who owned a ’65 or older American-made car (or two). Not a car club of two for long, within a few months of looking for “girls as sweet as their rides” the founders rounded up other gals through acquaintances, throwing Hell’s Belles business cards on hot rods and stalking girls with nice cars in the neighborhood. We’ve grown to seven Belles, sharing the same dedication, grit and hellfire as the founding members.

In February 2003, Kubo, a member of the Hell’s Belles Car Club San Francisco, moved to Los Angeles and started Hell’s Belles Los Angeles.