The Impalas Car Club is comprised of a group of friends and family. These friends and family are nothing more than classic car enthusiasts.The Car Club does not believe in drugs, weapons, or any gang affiliation.  Today the IMPALAS CAR CLUB consists of 19 chapters with a membership of about 200 members. The club is based on family values. It doesn’t matter if the members are from different chapters in reality we are just one family from different cities.  Impalas Car Club is one of California’s largest car clubs, and we are always looking to expand!  We currently have chapters established in Stockton, Modesto, Fresno, Central Valley, San Fransisco, North Bay, Bakersfield,  Merced, Sacramento, Yuba City, Chico, East Bay, Nor.Cal (San Jose), Central Coast, Salinas Valley, Reno-Nevada, Phoenix and Tucson Arizona, Lexington Kentucky, Central Valley and all new for 2008 Our newest edition San Diego.

impalas car club