Kustoms Los Angeles

After George Barris had moved to Los Angles during WWII he started to work full time as Custom builder, creating cars for clients, and quickly making new friends in the car scene. In the mid 1940’s – we do not know the exact date for this event – George Barris started the Kustoms Los Angeles club.

A small club for Barris Custom Car owners. George designed a square Kustoms Los Angeles plaque that was cast in brass and detail painted in a dark purple color. Later Club jackets were made as well as membership cards. A few years later George saw the potential for a larger club and how he could attract more customers for his Custom Car restyling and aftermarket products he started to marketing, so he formed Kustoms of America. The small Barris Kustoms only Kustoms Los Angeles club remained and was renamed Kustoms of Los Angeles.